Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
cx::AesCipherWrapper for the Rijndael Cipher (Advanced Encryption Standard)
cx::BaseGateBase class for synchronization gate classes
cx::ChunkLow level data management
cx::CompressorCompression filter using zlib
cx::ConcreteNodeBase class of pipeline components
cx::ConsumerInterface of data consumer classes
cx::ConsumerExceptionException for when a consumer fail to consume more data
cx::DataExceptionGeneral data exceptions that can be thrown inside a stream
cx::DataInputStreamClass that provides formated input
cx::DataOutputStreamClass that provides formated output
cx::DecompressorDecompression filter using zlib
cx::DecrypterDecryption version of AES Cipher
cx::EncrypterEncryption version of AES Cipher
cx::FileInput/output from/to a file
cx::FileInputStreamStream to read formated data from a file
cx::FileOutputStreamStream to write formated data to a file
cx::FilterInterface of data filter classes
cx::GateGate that is automatically closed when a thread enter it
cx::LockAutomatic wrapper for locking and unlocking mutexes
cx::ManualGateGate that has to be manually closed
cx::MutexPrevent concurrent access to shared resources from multiple threads
cx::NonCopyablePrevents derived classes to be copied
cx::ProducerInterface of data producer classes
cx::ProducerExceptionException for when a producer fail to produce more data
cx::ResourceInterface for classes that can be read/written from/to formated streams
cx::StreamPipelined stream class
cx::ThreadBase for classes that have to run in separated threads